Valedictory Address by Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi

My colleague and Cabinet Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan ji, all the respected members sharing the stage and gathering dedicated to Ayurveda!It was being announced that a brainstorm-churning has happened here for three days and elixir of life has been found. So I have also come to take this elixir so that few drops would come in my fate and I don’t know whether I would get it a full pitcher or not. This time the theme is something like “Health Challenges and Ayurveda”.
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Program Schedule

For detailed schedule of Plenary sessions, Technical sessions, Poster sessions, In-Conference Symposiums and Associate events, kindly visit the concerned links given below.


Details of Plenary Sessions
of 6th WAC



Details of Technical Sessions
of 6th WAC



Details of PosterSessions
of 6th WAC



Details of Inconference Symposium
of 6th WAC



Details of Associate Events
of 6th WAC


Accommodation Details
of Delegates

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of male & female Delegates

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VVIP s Attending Sixth WAC 2014

Ministers and Other VVIPs attending Sixth World Ayurveda Congress 2014


Highlights of 6th WAC

Highlights of 6thorld Ayurveda Congress and arogya expo
Arogya Expo Inauguration

Arogya Expo

6 November 2014 at 11 am
Chief Guest:Dr Harsh Vardhan
Arogya Expo Inauguration

CCIMs Academia
Researchers Conclave

6 November 2014 at 2 PM
Chief Guest: Dr Harsh Vardhan &
Dr Vanitha Muralikumar
Arogya Expo Inauguration

Healers Meet

6th November, 2014 at 2pm
Chief Guest: Shri Jual Oram
Hon, minister for Tribal Affairs


Arogya Expo Inauguration

6th WAC

7th November, 2014 at10 am
Chief Guest: Smt Sumitra Mahajan,
Hon Speaker, Loksabha
Arogya Expo Inauguration

Researchers Conclave on
Ayurveda inspired Discoveries

8th November, 2014 at 10am
Chief Guest: Dr Jitendra Singh,
Hon Minister for Science and Technology
Arogya Expo Inauguration

Plenary Session,
Ayurveda and Public Health

8th November 2014 at 11am
Chief Guest: Shri Anantha Kumar
Hon Minister for Fertilizers and Chemicals


Arogya Expo Inauguration

Plenary Session,
Global Development of
Ayurveda & Opportunities

9th November 2014 at10am
Chief Guest: Smt Nirmala Sitharaman,
Hon. Minister of State (Independent charge) for Commerce and Industry
Arogya Expo Inauguration

6th WAC 2014

9th November 2014 at 4pm
Chief Guest: Hon Prime Minister
Shri Narendra Modi




Until now five WACs have been organised at Cochin, Pune, Jaipur, Bengaluru and Bhopal. The highest number of delegates, numbering more than 4200 attended the WAC at Bengaluru. The largest number of visitors who participated in the AROGYA Expo was at Pune where more than 500,000 individuals took advantage of the Forum…     Read More


Additional Information Needed :

All the registered delegates and exhibitors are requested to fill in additional information, including photo, as demanded from the security department of VVIPs attending the 6th WAC :

Delegates Exhibitors

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Focal Theme of 6th WAC

F or the past 30 years, the large, densely populated and enormously varied Republic of India has made impressive efforts in the field of health. However, the unfinished agenda must address deficiencies in service outreach, government expenditures, high out-of-pocket costs, and limited health insurance coverage. There are also healthcare infrastructure gaps and disparities across the Indian states and between urban and rural populatons, measured by such indicators as the number of hospital beds and doctor-patient ratios.

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Propagating Ayurveda for Global Health Care

Advancement in modern sciences and paradigm shift in assessing the therapeutic value of old and exisitng medical practices often lead to the questioning of traditional approaches. Hence,sustenance of traditional sciences requires strong advocacy. Forums and groups that bring out the continued relevance and nuances of traditional therapies such as Ayurveda create a sure-footed impact over time. Ayurveda – the ‘science of life’ is the source of most health care systems. However, like all things ancient and traditional, the practice of Ayurveda was beset with challenges, especially at the turn of the 20thcentury.

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Important Entities

Sixth world ayurveda congress and arogya expo is made possible by the active participation and coordination of very reputed entities.

World Ayurveda Foundation

The WAF is an initiative by Vijnana Bharati aimed at global propagation of Ayurveda…

Gujarat Ayurved University

The GAU is the first university exclusively devoted to Ayurvedic Studies and research…

Dept. of Ayush,Govt. of India

Created in 1995 as the Department of Indian Systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy…


Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Counsil Of India(set up by Ministry of Commerce and Industry.Govt of India…

Vijnana Bharati

Vijnana Bharati or VIBHA is a national movement dedicated to the integrated development of Bharat through…

Organising Committee

The organising committee of sixth world ayurveda congress comprises of very eminent personalities…



Messages from four eminent personalities regarding sixth world ayurveda congress and arogya expo are given below.
Dr. Harsh Vardhan
Dr. Harsh Vardhan Honourable Cabinet Minister
Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
I am very happy to know that the 6th World Ayurveda Congress & AROGYA Expo, 2014, is being organised in New Delhi from the 6th to 9th of November. I congratulate the World Ayurveda Foundation, Gujarat Ayurveda University and Department of AYUSH for organising such an important event in the capital city.

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Shri Nilanjan Sanyal
Shri Nilanjan Sanyal Chairman, 6th WAC & Arogya Expo 2014
(Secretary, Dept. of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, G.O.I.)
It is a pleasure to associate with the 6th edition of the World Ayurveda Congress (WAC) being organized by the World Ayurveda Foundation. Ever since its inception in 2002, it has been one of the largest and the biggest forum available to the Global Ayurveda community and its various.

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Smt. Shailaja Chandra, IAS (Retd)
Smt. Shailaja Chandra, IAS (Retd) Co-Chair, National Organising Committee,
6th WAC & AROGYA Expo 2014
The World Ayurveda Congress embodies the strengths of Ayurveda as a system of medicine and a way of life. It provides a forum for a range of interest groups to exchange ideas, learn about developments and salute initiatives that hold promise for health and well-being.

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Dr. Vijay P Bhatkar
Dr. Vijay P Bhatkar President, Vijnana Bharati
& Chairman, Board of Governors, IIT Delhi
The World Ayurveda Congress attracts Ayurvedic scientists from all over the world, who are interested in furthering their professional practice and competency. It also receives strong patronage from policy and decision makers actively engaged in charting the future course of Ayurveda.

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International Directory For Ayurveda

International Directory for Ayurveda  is a project jointly developed by Dept. of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India and World Ayurveda Foundation for the global promotion of Ayurveda. The project is envisioned to act as an ever increasing repository of information regarding international stakeholders in Ayurveda.

The directory offers facility to furnish key information for individuals practicing Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Institutions and Ayurvedic Manufacturers. It is a one stop platform for information about important stakeholders of Ayurveda on a global stage.

We urge every international stakeholder in Ayurveda to avail this opportunity at the earliest given time.

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Go through the fee structure of 6th WAC along with the date-wise list of workshops.

Delegate Fee (Rs)
General Delegates without accommodation 3000*
General Delegates with Accommodation 5000*
BAMS Students without Accommodation 2000*
BAMS Students with Accommodation 4000*
Spot registration without accommodation 6000
Per Day Registration without accommodation 2000

Registration Period
Delegate Fee* ($)
Note: Without accommodation
Upto 30th September 2014 200
After 30th September 2014 250
Spot Registration 300

Workshop Fee(Rs)
Delegates Others
Workshop on Panchakarma 5-6 Nov 2014 1500 2000
Workshop on Integrative Medicine 5 Nov 2014 1000 1500
Workshop on Communication Skills including Teaching, Presentation, Emotional Quotient Skills 6 Nov 2014 1000 1500
Workshop on Career Perspectives in Ayurveda 7 Nov 2014 300 500
Workshop on Biostatistics:Principles & Practice 6 Nov 2014 1000 1500
Workshop on Shifting Paradigms – Competency Based Curriculum in Ayurveda 6 Nov 2014 750 1250

Workshop Fee ($)
Delegates Others
Workshop on Panchakarma 5-6 Nov 2014 25 35
Workshop on Integrative Medicine 5 Nov 2014 20 25
Workshop on Communication Skills including Teaching, Presentation, Emotional Quotient Skills 6 Nov 2014 20 25
Workshop on Career Perspectives in Ayurveda 7 Nov 2014 5 9
Workshop on Biostatistics:Principles & Practice 6 Nov 2014 20 30
Workshop on Shifting Paradigms – Competency Based Curriculum in Ayurveda 6 Nov 2014 15 25

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Sixth WAC Statistics

Approximate figures of 6th WAC are given below.
Associate Events


Partners and Associates of sixth WAC
Public Health Foundation Of India

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Sponsors of sixth WAC
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