Workshop on Dermatology & Cosmetology

Workshop on Dermatology & Cosmetology

1 st December, 2016

The importance of beauty & personality is increasing nowadays as it’s a competitive era. The concept of beauty is as old as mankind & civilisation. Colour & Complexion of individuals are the innate entities of this beauty. This is depicted by the term ‘Varna’ in Ayurveda. The general state of health is reflected in the appearance and condition of the skin and the earliest sign of many systemic disorders may affect the skin. Amongst the different organs in the body, skin is regarded as the largest organ. It is the natural jacket of the body. Being the organ of touch, temperature and pain sensation, it also serves as protector of underlying organs. The skin acts as a physical, biochemical and immunological barrier between the outside world and the body. Skin also has an important psychosocial function. It reflects internal changes and reacts to external ones. As our skin represents our outward appearance to the world, unsightly blemishes or lesions can have a significant impact on a person's self-esteem despite their small size. Diseases related to this largest organ account for a great deal of misery, suffering, isolation, inferiority complexes and economic loss. The first and foremost reflection of the person is face and any disfigurement or scars of the face have a high impact on social and individual personality.

Beauty has been admired since time immemorial. In the present day, each and every one is beauty conscious. The importance of Beauty and Personality is increasing nowadays as it is a competitive era. Everyone wants to have a distinct Personality which differs from the crowd. The increased demand of beautification is evident by number of Beauty contests, Beauty centers, various cosmetic products like creams, lotions, powder etc. Considering all these aspects,

The present workshop is planned to explain the concept of beauty, Cosmetology & Dermatology as per Ayurveda and Modern science. This workshop focuses on the role of practitioners of modern medicine doctors, scientists Ayurvedic practitioners as well as Beauty Consultants in the management of Skin & Hair disorders.

Hands on training on various formulations mentioned in Ayurveda will be demonstrated in this workshop.

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