Workshop on Culinary, Dietetics and Nutrition

Workshop on Culinary, Dietetics and Nutrition

1 st December, 2016

Ayurveda has a personalized approach on dietetics. Therapeutic diet involves the planning of diet, assessment of quality of food to be served and preparation of recipes. Diet planning in Ayurveda is based on subjective approach of body constitution, altered Dosha, healthy mind, digestive power, and nutritional status of an individual. Similarly assessment of quality of food is made subjectively through six tastes, attributes, potency and metabolized taste. Modern nutrition follows anthropometric measurements, Basal metabolic rate, Activity, biochemical approach of analysis, ratios and calculations. Synergy of both systems can create some path breaking possibilities to overcome nutritional challenges and open new doors for professional development in field of Ayurveda Dietetics and nutrition. Simultaneously increase efficacy and improve outcome of treatment. Various processing methods also alter the attributes of food. Hence, Planning a therapeutic diet is an art to be done on real time basis. The workshop on Culinery, Dietetics and Nutrition will be a comprehensive presentation of therapeutic foundations and practical application of Ayurveda Dietetics.

Key activities undertaken in the workshop

  • Theoretical foundations of Dietetics according to Ayurveda and Contemporary sciences
  • Sharing Evidence based nutritional recommendations for specific health conditions.
  • Implementation of Ayurvedic and contemporary nutritional wisdom through culinary demonstrations.

Objectives of the workshop

  • Strengthening of participant’s skills in design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of integrated nutritional interventions.
  • Scaling up linkages among key stakeholders practicing nutrition in ayurvedic and modern domain.
  • Provide a forum for discussion of contemporary issues related to Ayurveda Culinary, nutrition and dietetics
  • Promote interaction among nutrition experts to provide new approaches and horizons on Ayurveda nutrition, Dietetics and Culinary.
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