Ethno Pharmacology conclave

Ethno - Pharmacology Conclave - Tradition to Trends

International Conclave On Ethno-Medicine And Traditional Health Practices

2 nd December and 3 rd December, 2016

Ethno medicinal plants have been used since ancient time for human healthcare and still remain the most widely used medication system in developing countries. Ethno pharmacology deals with the interdisciplinary studies between medicinal plants and its uses in different cultural for their therapeutic values. It is based on the combination of the chemical, biological, and pharmacological sciences, which have been considered as a useful tool for natural product based drug discovery. Despite widespread use of plant resources in traditional medicines, reports on their mechanistic approaches for scientific validation, quality evaluation, safety documentation are very less. Evidence based validation of the traditional remedies derived from ancient ethno pharmacological claims through integration of modern scientific knowledge is the need of hour. This conclave will be the best platform in this regard for development of integrated approaches towards drug development from Ayurveda and other Indian systems of medicine.

Major themes of the conclave:

  • Integrated approaches for promotion and development Ayurvedic medicine
  • Dissemination of ethno pharmacological knowledge on traditional medicines
  • Evidence based approaches for development of Indian system of medicine based on the Ethno pharmacological aspects
  • Development of integrative approach for ethno-medicine and traditional health practices
  • Globalization of traditional medicines in healthcare
  • Ethno pharmacology based drug discovery and development from natural resources based on phytochemical, pharmacological, microbiological and high throughput screening techniques
  • Scientific validation and documentation of indigenous knowledge of medicinal plants based on their Ethno pharmacological relevance
  • This conclave will highlight on the importance of the ethno pharmacological relevance for the evidence based research on medicinal plants jointly with the Society for Ethno pharmacology, India. Evidence based documentation on safety, efficacy and quality of medicinal plants from different traditional medicines for development of herbal products based on the their Ethno pharmacological claims will be highlighted from different stakeholder of ethno pharmacology. We hope this conclave will be very helpful for the promotion and development of Indian Systems of medicine at large. The major emphasis will be given on ethno-medicine and traditional health practices particularly highlighting - the learning from our ancestors; learning from the nature: from tradition to evidence based medicine.
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