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Strengthening the Ayurveda Ecosystem

In Charaka Samhita, the sage physician, Charaka illuminates that Ayurveda, the Knowledge of Life shall never attain finality. He advises that therefore, humility and conscientious endeavor should characterize its approach to knowledge. He upholds that the entire world consists of teachers for the wise and therefore, knowledge, conducive to health, longevity, fame and excellence, coming even from an unfamiliar source, should be received, assimilated and utilized with earnestness. With this philosophy of relentless reinvention ingrained, Ayurveda has rejuvenated itself, several times over during its 5000 year history, to keep-up with advances in human knowledge and abreast with changing social necessities, though never digressing from its core philosophies of Panchamahabhoota siddhanta and Tridosha vichar.

Yet another time has come, another dawn and another era, when humans fly to moon and strives

to find the God particle, when genes are cut and pasted so that bacteria produce human hormones, when brain implants of silicon drives a car on the road, when the relevance of the time tested knowledge is again questioned, by a society blinded in the brightness of material science. Yet another ti me has come, for us to contemplate, reinvent and revitalize the Knowledge of Life. This time, it also needs to rejuvenate the environment, so that it can flourish again and bestow greater good for Life. It is a humongous task. From the congregation of intelligent minds and timeless wisdom at the 7th World Ayurveda Congress, we hope, shall evolve the nidus, for such a renaissance movement, which shall form a wave that sweeps and unifies the far corners of human knowledge and social intelligence and create yet another glorious age for Ayurveda and human health.

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