Workshop on Wikipedia Editing

Workshop on Wikipedia Editing

3 rd December, 2016

Wikipedia (WP) is a free online encyclopedia that allows its users to edit almost any article. Wikipedia is dedicated to expanding access to the sum of human knowledge and to make it available to everyone on the earth! Wikipedia continues to grow, and the number of articles in Wikipedia is increasing by over 20,000 a month. It is doing a great job of knowledge dissimilation and democratization of knowledge. Anyone having a computer and internet connection can start editing WP almost immediately. There are certain guidelines for editing WP which makes the process more constructive and fruitful.

People interested in sharing knowledge about Ayurveda can do so by use of WP. It can be very effective way of knowledge sharing because edits become live immediately. The impact of these edits is very high because anyone in the world can see the edits as they happen.

WP play important role for global propagation of information. Ayurveda domain should be well versed with WP editing. It will be helpful for authentic information of Ayurveda because ‘sources’ and ‘citation’ play a very important role in deciding the quality of edit on WP. Hence a workshop needs to be planned for WP editing in World Ayurveda Congress (WAC) 2016.


To provide hands on training on WP editing

To expose to the culture of WP including some guidelines like 'Keep Good Faith' and some skills of structuring the knowledge.

To understanding WP's policies, methods and tools for ethical and effective WP editing

To empower Ayurvedic community for sharing authentic knowledge at global level


Session number Time Speaker / resource person Topic
Session 1 10 am to 11 am Mr. Sudhanwa Joglekar Philosophy of Wikipedia / Wikipedia basics / How Wikipedia works
Session 2 11 am to 12 pm Dr. Abhijeet Safai Wikipedia editing (tips and tricks) / Introduction to references and Identifying reliable sources (medicine) guidelines
Session 3 12 pm to 1 pm Dr. Abhijeet Safai under guidance of Mr. Sudhanwa Joglekar Hands on training on WP editing
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